Regional Official Plan



York Region Offical Plan Document cover pageThe York Region Official Plan provides directions for regional planning and development to meet the diverse needs of our population. It contains policies to guide economic, environmental, and community building decisions to manage growth in the Region.

The 2010 Regional Official Plan recognizes our Region is evolving into a diverse and robust urban system. The Region is focusing growth within our urban areas to create sustainable and lively communities and use resources efficiently. The Regional Centres and Corridors are the focus of city building, sustainable growth and place making in our region.

A forward-looking and co-ordinated planning approach for the Regional Centres and Corridors is necessary to realize the vision of a vibrant and liveable city. This approach combines the Region's rapid transit investment with a land use planning system that creates compact, sustainable and people-oriented places, integrates community needs with effective services, bolsters the Region's economic competitiveness and preserves natural heritage and agricultural areas.



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