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Rendering of Highway 7 Regional Corridor in Vaughan

York mapYork Region will grow by an additional 425,000 people and 264,000 jobs by 2031. The Region's urban network is made up of four Regional Centres (Newmarket Centre, Richmond Hill/Langstaff Centre, Vaughan Metropolitan Centre, and Markham Centre) and four Regional Corridors. These Centres and Corridors are identified as the places for growth in the Region.

The Regional Centres and Corridors run from the Town of East Gwillimbury in the north to the Town of Richmond Hill in the south, and from the City of Vaughan in the west to the City of Markham in the east. They are defined by the York Region Official Plan. Much of the Region's homes, workplaces, shops and transit services will be concentrated in the Centres and Corridors, moving development away from valuable farmland and environmentally sensitive lands.

Current Photo Highway 7 in Vaughan

What is the Region's Centres and Corridors Program?

York Region's Centres and Corridors Program is about city-building. It is an integrated approach that combines the planning of urban pedestrian friendly/walkable communities with the construction of new rapid transit lines and stations. Key goals are providing travel options, conserving resources and creating lively sustainable communities within walking distance of transit and other services. It is also about choice by providing different housing options, places to work and ways to get there. Our vision of city-building is:

  • Building up, not out
  • Mixing land uses together (i.e. office, retail, and residential), instead of separating them
  • Providing travel alternatives to the automobile
  • Creating inviting public spaces
  • Building sustainable cities

 The Regional Centres and Corridors will continue to evolve into highly active urban areas served by rapid transit. Innovation in planning, city building and design will make these great places to live, work and play.



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