Best Practices for Planning Centres and Corridors

Markham Centre,Richmond Hill Yonge Corridor,Vaughan Metro Centre

Best Practices for Planning Centres and Corridors (PDF 6MB) is a resource document filled with innovative approaches to address the challenges facing intensification and growth in York Region's Centres, Corridors and Key Development Areas.

The various challenges have been grouped into the following theme areas:


Infrastructure (such as roads, transit facilities and pipes) is often costly to provide yet integral to urban growth and development. How can we plan, deliver, maintain and expand these large-scale and complex systems in a coordinated manner? Click here to read more.


Streets are an important element of a city's public realm.  How can the roadways and transportation system within urban areas contribute to building a successful centre or corridor? Click here to read more.


Striking a balance between the supply and demand for parking is critical to both the economic vitality and the transportation network. How can we achieve this balance?  Click here to read more.

Open Space

Publicly accessible open space contributes to active and healthy lifestyles but are in short supply in highly urban areas. What can we do to provide enough open space to ensure a high quality of life? Click here to read more.

Water and Waste

Traditional stormwater management and waste collection facilities are a difficult fit in highly urban areas. How can we fit these facilities into a compact urban setting while still achieving robust stormwater infiltration and waste diversion goals?  Click here to read more.


Community facilities, such as libraries and recreation centres, typically fit on larger floor plates and have strenuous parking requirements.  How can we fit these important facilities into high density areas to meet the changing needs of the community?  Click here to read more.


People should have a choice to live and work in the same community. How can we provide a balance of residents and jobs while continuing to attract employment opportunities into the Centres and Corridors? Click here to read more.


The Region has very limited supply of private rental housing.  What can be done to increase supply? Click here to read more.


Place-making strives to create spaces that are attractive, identifiable and that reflect a community's character and values. What urban and environmental design approaches can be used to create beautiful and meaningful places in the Centres and Corridors? Click here to read more.




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